Saturday, 9 March 2013

MARCH 21st - Going Home...

It's midnight, Thursday, March 21st......I am in the back of an ambulance with Eman. He is going home!!! Every bump in the road jostles the gurney he is lying on and he groans in pain, I am holding his face in my hands. As the siren wails overhead I find myself asking "Why?" "Why did Eman's injuries have to be so severe?" "Why did this have to happen?" - As we were leaving the hospital the head nurse piled packages of medical supplies into my bag and whispers "how will you manage now? Who will take care of him? Don't you have 4 children?" My mind throbs with a thousand different thoughts and as I look at Eman I know the same thoughts are going through his mind too. It's so scary to think of the future now and I am filled with worry, some passages that I had read earlier with Eman come to mind.... "Your external circumstances may change, toil may take the place of rest, sickness of health, trials may thicken within and without. Externally, you are the prey of such circumstances; but if your heart is stayed on God,no changes or chances can touch it, and all that may befall you will but draw you closer to Him" - "Every day we are to come to Him in simple obedience and faith, asking help to keep us, and aid us through that day's work, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, through years of long tomorrows, it will be but the same thing to do; LEAVING THE FUTURE ALWAYS IN GOD'S HANDS, sure that He can care for it better that we. BLESSED TRUST! That can thus confidingly say "This hour is mine with its present duty, the next is God's AND WHEN IT COMES, HIS PRESENCE WILL COME WITH IT!" - I've seen these "trust tests" in televised therapy sessions where the person has to turn around and close their eyes and then fall backwards into their partner's outstretched arms. I feel like that person now, falling backwards. You feel so vulnerable, you are COMPLETELY at the mercy of your partner. This is where we are now; falling backwards.... I know our partner will not let us fall! ****************************************************************************** Friday, March 22nd. Eman's mom, Patrice, arrives from the US! It is Eman's first day at home!!! It is wonderful for Eman to have BOTH his parents here for him at this time. We are all so happy to have Dad HOME!!!! We have rented a special hospital bed which is remote controlled and has various adjustable settings. Eman is in a lot of pain and discomfort, he cannot sleep. Patrice brought an entire suitcase full of vitamins, supplements and special items that will help us care for Eman better. A good friend purchased a wheelchair for Eman the day before and another friend is donating a bathroom chair. Arthur has quit his various jobs and has moved back in with us so that he can help with Eman's care - this is a huge blessing because it takes three of us to move Eman anywhere or even just to change his position on the bed. We are now having to tend to Eman's needs ourselves instead of the nurses and hospital staff. Our band has a gig tonight, many friends and fans come to the show and we are all very touched with the outpouring of concern and support from everyone. Eman's dad, Mike accompanies us to the show, and even sings a couple songs on stage with his grandsons. He gets to meet many of our good friends and is overwhelmed by the solidarity and love. **************************************************************************** Saturday, March 23rd. - Not a good day. The "reality" of being home and just how hard it is to do "normal" things is kicking in. Eman is very discouraged. Simple things put his body into a state of shock. He will get these tremor sessions where his body just shakes uncontrollably and he feels freezing cold [even though it's hot] and then feel very hot when the air-conditioning is on full blast. He cannot sleep. He is not eating well. He wants to sit for a bit in his wheelchair in the living-room. We recruit some help and manage to get him into his chair. It's the first time he's sat upright in about three weeks. He is able to eat some soup. After a half hour he is exhausted and goes back to bed. Several good friends pay us a visit and we unite in prayer over Eman. He has specifically asked for everyone to pray for his COMPLETE recovery. He says he doesn't just want to learn to "cope" with his present condition he wants to walk again and regain control over his lower body. We are seeing that the biggest battle is going to be the "battle of the mind", please pray for Eman's encouragement .... it is so devastating for him. I can honestly say I have never seen a person so broken in body and spirit. He listens to scriptures and tears are running down his face, he listens to songs and weeps. He hugs us and breaks into tears. I know he wants to fight and is trying to be positive but it is really hard. Thank you for your prayers. Our band has another gig tonight, we play for a wedding. The groom has practiced a special song that he sings for his new bride.... "All I want is You" by U2. I find myself blinking away tears, I wonder if you ever really realize how much you love someone until you almost lose them. ******************************************************************************** Sunday, March 24th. - A good day!!! We are slowly getting a routine down with Eman. He has a shower in his special chair. He slept for three straight hours last night. He is more positive. We are visited by many friends. Old band mates, a physical therapist who is very encouraged with how much Eman feels during a reflexology massage. Ed, a good friend and "alternative healing" expert meets with us and we are educated on the healing properties of various vitamins, natural foods and supplements. We are really trying to focus on Eman's nutrition and building up his body after sustaining so much trauma. A huge step on his path to wellness is going to be prioritizing his nutrition. Thank you all for your continued prayers for Eman's healing.

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