Saturday, 30 March 2013


It's 9 a.m and Lolo calls from the hospital.... "Mom, they're wheeling Dad in for surgery now".... We call his US family and post the request immediately online and then group together ourselves to desperately pray for a successful operation. We make our way to the hospital, at 1 pm they wheel Eman into his room. He is naked on this metal gurney with a small blanket thrown on top of him. White as a sheet his whole body is shaking violently and uncontrollably. We are frozen ourselves in shock, we rush to his side and cradle his face in our hands. He is frozen to the bone, teeth chattering. We cover him up with 5 blankets and for the next hour are just helping his body return to normal temperature and for his breathing to normalize. I have never seen anything so severe. The nurse says "this is normal" - coming out of anesthesia. When his body has finally "settled" we softly read scriptures to him and pray. He is crying! He says he feels like Job, he has been reading the book of Job with Lolo. He says that this is the biggest thing he is seeing through all of this is "TRUST", as Job said "Though He [God] slay me, yet will I trust Him" We meet with the neuro-surgeons who operated on Eman. They say the operation was successful. They removed 3 bone fragments [7 mm each] that had penetrated Eman's spinal cord. They said they were concerned about spinal fluid leaking out once they had removed the fragments but from what they saw none did. They also re-iterate that the main damage to Eman's spinal cord is the lesion caused by the burn from the bullet. Medically they have done what they can do. Two days ago, on his birthday, Eman was able to sit [propped up] and was finally recuperating somewhat from his lung injury. Now, once again, he is flat on his back and in excruciating pain. It kills me to see him like this, his poor broken, battered body has been through more trauma and pain than I ever imagined a body could sustain. I cannot wait to bring him home. We work it out for Lolo to stay overnight with him again. Our band plays our first show without Eman

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