Saturday, 30 March 2013


Today was a good day! Larissa stayed 2o hours straight with Eman in the hospital. It is such a relief to have one of us there with him to give him undivided attention. When I arrive at noon to trade with her I am encouraged that he looks better, more stable. Upon leaving yesterday we were so worried, he was feeling so weak and said he didn't think he would make it through the night, we were beside ourselves with worry. Friends have been getting in touch who know top neuro surgeons and hospital directors and individuals with influence in the medical world, Thanks to our good friend Pedro Leao I meet with Gianni,a neuro surgeon. Within half an hour she has arranged for Eman to be moved to a quieter room and into a bed that can be adjusted to a slight angle. Since the ambulance brought him here he has been completely flat on his back. He has these coughing spasms that rack his body and breathing that are frightening to see. Gianni also approves of taking of the hard plastic neck brace that he's been wearing for the last 8o hours. As soon as his brace is off and he is moved into a quieter room with a more comfortable bed he is more peaceful and breathing easier. Our new room is very third world, with windows over a main road and no air conditioning OR ceiling fans BUT it is quiet and Eman can sleep. A sweet young man [burn victim] in the bed adjacent to Eman's notices Eman is sweating and puts his personal fan next to Eman's bed. We decided to contact the American Embassy to report what has happened and inquire about assistance, the hospital social worker asks for a formal interview and sends the report to the consulate. Since Eman's neck and head are now slightly elevated he drinks a few drops of water and throughout the afternoon is able to ingest 1oo ml of coconut water. This is the first liquid he's had in three days. I have called asking for a friend to bring a fan for Eman so that he doesn't spend the night without ventilation. Out of the blue the nurse comes to tell me that Eman won't be staying in this room any longer but he's getting moved to an intensive care room. [someone has pulled some strings] - when i see the room Eman is getting moved to I am overjoyed... a wonderful, wide comfy bed with computerized settings, an air-conned room with attending nurses stationed, and only 4 other patients!!!!! The young doctors who are supervising Eman's lung recuperation in this intensive care unit [Juliana and Marina] are angels. We are not allowed to stay overnight tonight with Eman but we leave the hospital knowing that Eman is in good hands. Today has been a day of progress, we feel great relief. It is interesting to note that it is the small acts of individual kindness that keep your spirit up though the battle. The nurse that blesses Eman, the crazy Argentine patient who yesterday was inquiring what I was doing when I was praying over Eman with my Bible, and today he came over to press his wooden rosary into my hands and offer me his Spanish prayer book, the emphatic assurances from other patients that "tudo vai dar certo". We know God is in control. Eman's prayer bracelet: "JESUS CHRIST MAKETH THEE WHOLE" When I arrived home tonight to post Eman's update for today, I see that in 24 hours Eman's blog has had over THREE THOUSAND visits!!!!!! - Thank you! Your prayers are working.

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