Saturday, 30 March 2013


Eman's father, Mike arrives this morning from the US, we drive directly to the hospital. Thanks to a good friend of ours, Rodrigo, we have been granted special visitation rights, from a director of the hospital. Eman looks much better today, he has a positive vibe about him. He raises both arms above his head to show his father and grips our hands tightly - we are all relieved. He has mobility in his hands and arms today and even holds a cell phone to his ear to talk to his mother. He has started drinking and even ate two bites of the hospital pasta dinner. Although tiring easily he can hold conversations and his speaking is much stronger. Mike is so encouraged to see Eman in a good state of recovery. Boo and Carlin each visit dad [for the first time since the shooting] It is an emotional afternoon, so much catching up to do. Eman tells Carlin he wants to write an anti-violence song. Mike relates that when he booked his last minute flight his original seat was switched and he was forced to accept alternate seating in the back of the plane. The Brasilian man next to him asks him if he is going to Brasil for a holiday and so begins Mike's explanation @ the circumstances surrounding his trip. Mike says... "my son's name means "God with us" - Emmanuel.... the man replies..........."My name is Emmanuel... I've only ever met one other person who had the same name as me" ....

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