Saturday, 30 March 2013


The hospital is breaking protocol and is allowing one of us to spend the night with him which is wonderful. Larissa will stay overnight at the hospital. I know having one of the kids with him will encourage his will to live and fight. We have been inundated with hundreds of emails, calls, texts and offers of assistance over the last couple days. It really means so much to us knowing how much you all love and care. Thank you for your prayers for Eman and for all of us at this time. To each one who called, wrote, MSN'd, texted. Thank you. I know how concerned everyone is about Eman and trying to keep up with letting everyone know what has been happening has been impossible. To those of you who found out later rather than sooner I am sorry. I have decided to post this blog, we will update it daily and let all of you, his family, friends and colleagues know @ his situation. While impersonal, it is a way to let everyone know immediately what is going on.  "Prayer is not the least we can do - it is the most!" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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