Saturday, 30 March 2013


MASSIVE news. We met with Dr.Monteiro, [the same doctor we met with 2 days ago and was telling us that there was NOTHING further they could do] This morning we trucked down to the hospital at 6am for a 9am appointment with him and THEY NOW WANT TO OPERATE!!!!! It looks like the operation will be tomorrow FRIDAY MARCH 14th. [ As soon as we know the exact time we will let you know ] He said, they can see that there is "something" going on with Eman's legs & feet. They are going to remove the piece of bone that broke off and is pressed against his spinal cord, apparently it would be a low risk procedure and they are hoping that it would better Eman's chances of recovery and recuperation! PLEASE PRAY WITH US THAT THIS OPERATION IS SUCCESSFUL AND THAT THERE ARE NO COMPLICATIONS. Several of us and several of you have gotten that Eman will come through all of this "without the smell of smoke". This is our desperate prayer. "When you pray THINGS HAPPEN and things WILL be different, God will answer prayer!" - YOUR PRAYERS ARE MAKING THE DIFFERENCE! Eman says that his birthday yesterday was the best he's every had. I have brought Eman a stack of our band's CDs to the hospital and he is gifting them to the kind nurses and doctors who have been treating him. Two doctors came by his bed today and the one says "so, you're a musician?" - another doctor takes a harder look at Eman and says "Your band's poster is up in Barra Garden, you're supposed to be playing there next Friday". When Eman nods off he dreams, he is dreaming he's playing football with the kids or buying tiles for our new house. They move Eman to another room where he will be pre-surgery and post-surgery. Lolo is allowed to stay the night.

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