Saturday, 30 March 2013


We arrive mid-day at the hospital, Eman's breathing is very labored and he is in a lot of pain. I know he is trying to stay strong and positive. Between Arthur and myself we rotate turns being with him. When we are with him we pray and read Bible verses aloud to him. The hospital is very confusing and in the emergency ward were we are there is constant comings and goings. All throughout the day we are approaching doctors asking for updates and hoping to speak personally to the main neuro-surgeons.  The staff bend the rules for us and allow us to stay hours over our official visiting time, at the end of the afternoon we meet with the main neuro-surgeon for hospital Miguel Couto; Dr.Ivan Santana and head doctor Dra.Silvia Araujo. Dr.Ivan was the doctor who examined Eman upon his arrival to the hospital. They explain in detail the injuries Eman suffered, the trajectory of the bullet and the damage that Eman's body sustained. Dra.Silvia tells us that these days they do not see that many gun-shot victims at the hospital, because usually by the time they arrive they are in body bags. The fact that Eman is alive, breathing and conscious is a MIRACLE. The entire neuro-surgical team of the hospital convened this morning to examine the x-rays and scans, the collective conclusion is they will not operate, there is nothing they can do. Dr.Ivan explained, trying to operate on his spinal cord could cause more damage than there already is. They also explain that the main priority right now is his lungs. Upon arrival at home this evening the kids and I gather, I tell them the official prognosis - we are all dealing with agonizing heartache and shock. As devastating as this news is for us, we know how much more so it is for Eman. We know that we need to focus on being strong in faith & prayer to make it through this together.  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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