Tuesday, 10 September 2013

NEWS from Atlanta, September...

Dear Friends, 
- Just back from visiting Emmanuel and Larissa in Atlanta, Georgia.
 Due to work commitments I was only able to stay for one week. Eman had already begun his rehabilitation sessions at "Project Walk Atlanta" where he goes threes times a week for a two hour session each visit. 
"Project Walk Atlanta" is only TEN MINUTES away from where he lives which is AMAZING. As anyone who's been to the US knows, things are really spread out - so the fact that the very center for neuro rehabilitation that Eman needs to go to is in such close proximity is GREAT!
Paul Pickard the boss of the center very generously dontated 50 free therapy hours. His personal trainer Tony Davenport is SUPER!!! We all really like him, in addition to being a real pro, he is very patient and kind-hearted, several times even staying past the official therapy hours to help work with Eman. God bless him! As a result of this exercise Eman's upper body is a lot stronger, he can sit unaided for longer periods of time and even turn himself on his bed. His legs are also noticeably more muscular and stronger than when he was here in Rio.

Eman has been working very hard utilizing the various equipment and machines that they have set-up there to stimulate walking. The  philosophy of Project Walk is to, through manipulative exercise, trigger the nerves and muscles into remembering their functions.

These exercise sessions take a lot out of Eman. During one session he almost fainted onto a treadmill as his body just couldn't take the exertion. Tony has told him that "Eman is the hardest working musician he's met"...ha!
He is still waiting to start the program at Shepherd Center [even though he was "evaluated" over a month ago"]. Unfortunately our expectations of getting Eman into Shepherd center and being helped by their neuro specialists have been disappointed.
On a day to day basis Eman is in a LOT of chronic pain. We are somewhat at our wits end trying to find out from various doctors etc... how to best deal with this. Please pray for this, I personally think that at this present moment the "pain factor" is the most pressing thing we're dealing with. No-one can endure being in continual pain. The spasms are worse than ever and his legs get so rigid, trying to move or bend them is like trying to lift a concrete beam. Needless to say this is extremely draining and wearing on Eman. He'll finally be nodding off to sleep and his legs will shoot out in a spasm that wracks his whole body.

Whilst I was there, we made an extra effort to get Eman out of the house and getting some sun and fresh air. He is so down he never feels like going out. The surrounding area where they live is very beautiful and picturesque. We took advantage of the lovely summer weather and beautiful environment to enjoy the outdoors. 

Before closing this update, I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lolo who turned 19 today. She is doing an amazing job, day in and day out, helping her dad. Couldn't be prouder of her. Thank you too to Mark and Patrice for opening your home and hearts and for everything you do daily for Eman.

We continue to struggle with this whole situation. It is extremely hard for our family to be apart like this, so far away from each other. Eman struggles to cope with the pain and the "body" he currently finds himself in .. we struggle not to worry about what the future holds. Every day I pray that the Lord will illuminate our path and open the right doors. Thank you for your continued prayers for Eman we truly appreciate them.... God bless you all. 


  1. Praying for you all, Julia. Especially for this awful pain to go away. And wow! What a great daughter you guys have :) I bet all your children would love to be there helping too, because you have a wonderful family xoxo

  2. Thanks so much for this update Julz it really helps to better focus our prayers. Yes continual pain is the most depressing and exhausting battle, Lord please do bring relief! At the same time there IS so much hope that something IS going to click and that Eman WILL walk again! Upholding you all in fervent prayers and sending much love.

  3. Thanks for the update. I wish there was a way to subscribe to this blog, so I'd get the updates as soon as they got published. Eman is always in my thoughts and prayers. Eagerly waiting for the next post. Deus os abençoe.

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  5. Dear Julia,
    My desperate prayers go out to you all and especially that the pain will subside and for continued progress with Eman's therapy. God bless you all for bravely fighting through this tremendous struggle. A freind of mine suffered from pain and nerve tremors after a brain tumor operation, she heard of this book and has been using the natural home treatments with remarkable results. I wanted to share in case it could be helpful in anyway.



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    I hope you don't mind me posting all this here...I don't have a private email for you.

    My prayers are with you all. Hang in there dear ones. with love, Julienne
    if you have any questions or want to contact me you can at julienne.fics@gmail.com